Do you ever feel ...

  • You need to change something about you, but you don't know WHAT
  • You know what you need to change about you but don't know HOW
  • You know what you need to change, you also know how you need to change, but you don't know WHY you have not been able to change yet.

If you answered to any of the above questions as YES then you have come to the right place.

Through our Coaching sessions we help you: GO FROM WHERE YOU ARE TO WHERE YOU WANT TO BE IN YOUR LIFE.

Lead Coach and Facilitator

Shalini Bindal:

Is an International Coach Federation (ICF) certified Coach. She does private coaching and group workshops for Career Moms and Teens. Before becoming a Life Coach, she was a HR professional and Corporate trainer. She trains tweens and teens on Soft Skills including: Public Speaking Skills, Assertive Communication Skills, Social Skills.

Shalini is also a certified REALGirl facilitator and has delivered workshops in the MindQuest Group. Shalini also works for non-profit organizations to impart values in kids through group sessions.

Why I Do What I Do

As a parent, I was always proud to have two well-behaved and obedient children, till they hit adolescence. The reasons, reward and punishment system didn't work anymore. Their questions became harder to explain and their behavior became more challenging to correct. I struggled with maintaining a positive influence on them while juggling my career. I knew that what had gotten me this far would not take me any further.

The most challenging bit was giving them the reasons that would resonate with them. For most of the issues, while I knew intuitively what was "right" and what was "wrong", I did not have the clarity on what what made it right and why it was right from them. Coaching techniques and questions helped me gain immense clarity on what I really wanted from myself and for my children and why it was so important for me.

In a journey to gain this clarity, I became more self-aware. My doubts and fears became more clear to me and I understood why I would act the way I did. As I gained self-clarity, I became calmer and more effective as a parent. This way it became easy for me to guide and empower my kids towards becoming conscientious, resilient and independent leaders of tomorrow.

As a parent I know how challenging sometimes parenting can be. Through private Coaching sessions and group workshops, I make it easier for you :

  • Identify clear desired goals
  • Identify and change perspectives
  • Identify your values and align them with your goals through action plans.

For further details on the Coaching process click here.

Coaching and Training Partner
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