Do you ever feel ...

  • You need to change something about you, but you don't know WHAT

  • You know what you need to change about you but don't know HOW

  • You know what you need to change, you also know how you need to change, but you don't know WHY you have not been able to change yet.

If you answered to any of the above questions as YES then you have come to the right place.


What is Transformational Coaching?

Changing ones behaviours, habits, thinking patterns can be one of the most difficult things to do. Inner battles are hardest to fight. It is in the victory of these inner battles that the greatest victories lie in the external world.

Transformational Coaching takes advantage of the astounding power of mindsets and plasticity of brain to bring about the change. I use Coaching techniques, management tools and psychological research to bring about this change in mindset to bring about change in any facet of your life.

Just like a small twist in a kaleidoscope brings new patterns, a small twist in our way of looking brings new patterns to our thinking. Hence the name : Kaleidoscope!


Mindset is the setting of our mind. It is the lens or the frame of mind through which we view the world. At any given point in time, we have infinite number of potential interpretations to choose from. We naturally bend towards the choice that simplifies our life. The choices we make, play an important role in determining our health and well being.

When we feel "Stuck" in a situation, it is a strong indicator of the inability of our current thought constructions and mindset to serve the changed circumstances.

By shifting and altering our mindsets we can change our current reality. A huge body of research is now available to testify the physiological and psychological changes we have access to at just the blink of an eye. We can change any facet of our lives just by changing our mindset.

If you are wondering which all areas can this work? Watch this TedTalk. In a span of just few minutes, the speaker, Dr. Alia Crum, demonstrates and proves the transformative power of mindset in 4 areas of life: medicine, diet, exercise and stress.

Lead Coach and Facilitator

Shalini Bindal:

I am a Transformational Coach certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and trained by Transcend International, Hong Kong.

I do private coaching sessions and group programs for Teenagers, Parents and Women. Before becoming a Life Coach, I was a HR professional and Corporate trainer. I train tweens and teens on Soft Skills including: Public Speaking Skills, Communication Skills, Social Skills and Executive Functioning Skills.

I have also a certified REALGirl facilitator and has delivered workshops in the MindQuest Group.

I also works for non-profit organizations to impart life values in kids through group sessions.

Why I Do What I Do

As a parent, I was always proud to have two well-behaved and obedient children, till they hit adolescence. The reasons, reward and punishment system didn't work anymore. Their questions became harder to explain and their behavior became more challenging to correct. I struggled with maintaining a positive influence on them while juggling my career. I knew that what had gotten me this far would not take me any further.

The most challenging bit was giving them the reasons that would resonate with them. For most of the issues, while I knew intuitively what was "right" and what was "wrong", I did not have the clarity on what what made it right and why it was right from them. Coaching techniques and questions helped me gain immense clarity on what I really wanted from myself and for my children and why it was so important for me.

In a journey to gain this clarity, I became more self-aware. My doubts and fears became more clear to me and I understood why I would act the way I did. As I gained self-clarity, I became calmer and more effective as a parent. It became easy for me to guide and empower my kids towards becoming conscientious, resilient and independent leaders of tomorrow.

How do my clients benefit from my work?

I focus my energy on Teens, Parents and Women. My clientele range from a seasoned corporate lawyer looking for change in career to a single working parent wanting to build bridges with her teen son to an adolescent struggling with self-esteem.

Being a Transformational Coach, I have been trained to coach anywhere on the spectrum ranging from skillset to mindset, depending on the needs of the client. I use a combination of management tools, coaching techniques and the scientific know-how to support my clients in finding their physical, mental and emotional resources to perform at their peak in times of change, stress or crisis.

As a coach, my joy comes from seeing my clients shift from negative and self limiting beliefs to positive and empowering thoughts leading to desired outcomes.

For details on the Coaching process click here or reach out for a telephone conversation and "know-more" session.

Training Partner
International Coach Federation

Designing lesson plans and teaching kids from 9-14 year olds.