As parents, we are always exposed to conflicting opinions on everything around us. No matter how much we read, watch, or listen to, the clarity just won't come, leaving us more confused than ever. There is always a question lingering in our minds:


I coach parents on their lifestyle and help them find the answer to what they really want in life. Through my coaching sessions, parents walk away with a deeper understanding of themselves and practical techniques to help them deal with problems. This will lead to:

  • Effective and efficient parenting

  • Better relationships with yourself and others

  • Balanced work-family-self life

  • Clearer and calmer mindsets

Some of the issues I have coached mom clients on include:

  • Understanding parenting styles

  • Exploring new career opportunities

  • Understanding and getting over anger

  • Overcoming feeling "stuck"

  • Dealing with separation anxieties

  • Becoming a better listener


  1. We first have a free coaching session, also called a "know-more session" in coaching parlance, to see if we work well together.

  2. Then, we determine the goal you want to work towards and establish measurements of success.

  3. Over the course of the coaching program, we constantly review progress towards the goal and modifications to the goal through constant reflection and dialogues between the coach and the coachee. We will track the failures and successes of short-term goals in the journey towards the long-term goal, identifying what worked, what did not work and why they did or did not work through various techniques.

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